Why Numerical Insights?


- We have a solid methodology for approaching business challenges.

- We provide personalized and customized service.

- We have 25+ years of experience in analytics, HR, supply chain, manufacturing...

- We listen!

Product AnalyticsUse data to maximize your profit and improve efficiency.

Whether you're growing or shrinking, you can't make good decisions about your products without looking at your data. In fact, many companies continue to spend a great deal of effort supporting products that contribute very little to their profit. Visibility into how each of your products performs, will help you make better decisions in your business.  

  • When should I stop offering a product?
  • Which products generate most of our profit?
  • Are we too much time supporting low volume / low profit products?


Numerical Insights can help you take the guess work out of your product decisions. We've spent years in operations and manufacturing and know the questions you should be answering about your products (and your customers too!). We can:

  • Provide visibility into how each product / product group contributes to your total profit
  • View profitability by category, location, product group, business unit
  • Identify low volume and low margin offerings
  • Examine return / quality / customer feedback data to focus on which issues impact you the most

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Sample Dashboard

We put together a greatly simplified product analytics dashboard and posted it to a public site for demonstration purposes. Imagine this dashboard containing thousands of products, analyzed by their contribution to profit.

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