Why Numerical Insights?


- We have a solid methodology for approaching business challenges.

- We provide personalized and customized service.

- We have 25+ years of experience in analytics, HR, supply chain, manufacturing...

- We listen!

Spend AnalyticsSpend more time acting on savings opportunities and less time analyzing data!

As your company grows, the number of spend (procurement) transactions grows and the number of suppliers you manage also grows. The larger this gets, the harder it becomes to have visibility into your overall spend. Numerical Insights can give you back the visibility you lose as you grow.

The Benefits of Analyzing Your Spend

We've worked in the corporate Procurement / Supply Chain environment, so we know the expectations: leverage your spend, identify savings opportunities, hold suppliers accountable to quality and delivery. In today's world, you need access to data to do this effectively.

Numerical Insights can help:

  • Provide visualizations of your procurement spend using the spend categories you need to watch (UNSPSC or your own taxonomy)
  • View spend by category, location, supplier, department, and other segmentations
  • Identify savings opportunities to increase profitability
  • Reduce the time it takes to perform repeatable detailed spend analysis
  • Provide visualizations into contract management and supplier deliverables


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