Why Numerical Insights?


- We have a solid methodology for approaching business challenges.

- We provide personalized and customized service.

- We have 25+ years of experience in analytics, HR, supply chain, manufacturing...

- We listen!

Here are just a few of our current and past clients. Don't forget to scroll down to read what they say about us!

We are unable to show others due to legal restrictions but clients have been in: technology, retail, automotive, aircraft, public services, investments, education and not-for-profit.

    Mercy Corp 
    First Health 


I worked with Tracey on a workforce analysis project for our global adidas Group HQ locations. I had read her book on Strategic Workforce Planning and knew that she would bring a wealth of practical experience and subject matter expertise to what we were trying to achieve. Tracey is HIGHLY reliable, academically sound in her methodology, a master in her field, extremely fast in turning things around and most importantly for us – pragmatic and flexible in her approach. She also offered insights and recommendations that went beyond the agreed project scope which I highly appreciated. I truly enjoyed working with her and recommend her wholeheartedly as a business partner.Insights has been invaluable to two of our projects now. Her ability has been to identify what we needed and then complete that on-time with great precision and accuracy. A joy to work with, and highly recommended.


Aki Ben-Ezra, Director HR Strategy & Diversity
Adidas Group


Tracey at Numerical Insights has been invaluable to two of our projects now. Her ability has been to identify what we needed and then complete that on-time with great precision and accuracy. A joy to work with, and highly recommended.


Neil Burrows, Director
First Health Solutions
Vancouver, BC, CANADA


When we first met with Tracey to discuss our issues it was obvious that she had deep belief and convictions in Workforce Planning and a passion to see it done right. Tracey did not try to offer a ready-made solution or attempt to repackage work she had already done; instead, she dove into the task and learned both the industry and our company’s unique drivers. Implementing something on the magnitude of Workforce Planning for a 3,000 person company with facilities around the United States and the world is a difficult task. Tracey had the fortitude and determination to drive the process over the course of eighteen months and comb through over 5,000 pages of data to assemble a solution that could be implemented, measured, tracked and maintained. We are now able to hire, onboard and train personnel before the tipping point where the workload becomes too much for existing personnel and have seen reduction in turnover and burnout in key positions critical to our global growth. Workforce Planning has empowered the Executive Team with the information required to predict and plan accordingly to ensure maximized profits by offering real-time information and predictive tools. The process and outcomes which are utilized by Tracey and Numerical Insights provided the path, tools and execution to help us transition our Human Resources department from reactionary and fighting fires to one that is much more proactive, strategic and tactically aligned with the organization.  

Doug Peterson, VP Human Resources
Shape Corporation, USA



I contracted Numerical Insights to analyse a large global corporate dataset. Their insights were extremely helpful and their service highly responsive and professional. I look forward to working with Tracey again.


Dr. Max Blumberg,
Blumberg Partnership and Research Fellow
Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

Tracey is an extremely bright and energetic professional adept at coaching Organizations on the Business Value of an Analytical approach to Resource management. Her presentation skills are excellent and interactions with our team of professionals has always been a positive experience. As a presenter at a BP Lubricants Corporate Regional Engagement Session, Tracey's vision of the future of Business Resource Management was received well by an International Team of BP associates in attendance. Strategic Thinking with a Business Value Perspective is the consistent theme presented in her writings and recent professional experience with FedEx.


Dan Cadigan
Sr. Strategic Project leader

Tracey and I worked closely together in strategic sourcing roles for a Fortune 100 Company. We collaborated on multiple projects and developed numerous RFPs with Tracey as the project lead. Throughout our time as colleagues, I have seen Tracey exhibit excellent supply chain analytics and superior project management skills with strong attention to detail. She is task oriented and has the ability to meet aggressive time constraints, while exceeding cost-savings objectives. I highly recommend Tracey, as I know she is more than capable of identifying, understanding and solving complex problems within the field of Sourcing, as well as across functional disciplines.


Mark Wright,
Procurement Manager
Trugreen, USA

Tracey is clearly a global thought leader on workforce planning and HR analytics. Meeting her at summits and working with her on NI Magazine, Tracey proved not only to have great skills and knowledge on the subjects mentioned but she also is able to explain and work on the subjects in a very practical and down to earth matter.


Patrick Coolen,
Manager, HR Metrics & Analytics
ABN AMRO Bank N.V.Netherlands

Tracey is a skillful and motivated person. She is an extremely capable team leader equipped to manage projects from cradle to grave. Her communication skills reach all levels of management producing inclusive participation and representation throughout the project. Tracey's insight allows her to see potential area's for improvement and implement new strategies. I would highly recommend Tracey and regard her as a powerful player in the race for bottom line results.


Rebecca Bauer
Director of Category Management CPFR
VMI Motorcar Parts of America, USA

It's been a privilege to work with Tracey for the last few years. She has the rare talent of being focused on current tasks and deliverables while maintaining the strategic realm of her responsibilities. She takes the time to ensure that her "tool kit" is well equipped for current and future initiatives. She is a keen listener, exceptional communicator and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.


Judy Watters
Town of Rossville TN, USA

When you work with someone across the world you expect the world from them, and this, Tracey does without a doubt. Quick on the uptake, quick on the draw, ever so willing to accommodate and assist without spoiling you for your own good. She details at the right level and rarely misses a beat. Project management seems like second nature to Tracey, particularly since she is always a few steps ahead of you. Totally dependable, trustworthy, and works with the highest level of integrity. There's no pretending with her; if she can't, she'll tell you. When you have to work across the world without luxury, you'd want someone like that. I did.


Choon-Neo Siow
Director Training & Performance Enhancement
FedEx Express, Singapore

As Vice President of Human Resources at FedEx, I had the privilege of working with Tracey on a number of critical projects involving workforce planning and organizational design. With her expert knowledge of analytics and project management, Tracey was an invaluable resource and her work product and efforts were instrumental in our decision making. She possesses a strong passion for her work along with diligence and a great work ethic. I am pleased to see her move into this critical business realm involving HR analytics which is so vital in today's business environment and future workforce planning initiatives and where her leadership and expertise will be on display.


Dennis Roche
Vice President Human Resources
FedEx Express, USA

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